The Paul Cuthbertson Foundation, Inc.

The Paul Cuthbertson Foundation is dedicated to investing in the next generation of young women and men who have a passion for pursuing excellence in sports, education, music and the arts.

Our 501(c)(3) Foundation provides The Live for Those Who Cannot Scholarships to youth who have deep ties to a Colorado mountain community. We prioritize individuals ages 13-25 that can demonstrate a financial need, have a strong work ethic, are dedicated to mentoring other youth and are deeply involved in their community. Previous scholarship recipients are eligible to apply for funding if they can demonstrate that additional support would further strengthen their ability to achieve their individual goals. Scholarships range in size from $500 to $5,000. 

Since its inception in 2019, The Paul Cuthbertson Foundation has provided more than $63,250 in cash scholarships to applicants who demonstrate an intellectual curiosity, show fierce determination and who exemplify Paul Cuthbertson’s passion for the mountains. Grantees have included youth pursuing medical and nursing school, an aspiring actress, dancers, a videographer, biomedical, engineering, competitive mountain bikers, World Cup alpine ski racer, freestyle and slopeside skiers, competitive snowboarders, and numerous other athletes pursuing outdoor winter snow sports.

If you are moving from Dreaming to Focusing, we encourage you to apply.

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P.O.Box 1183 Vail, CO 81658