The Live For Those Who Cannot Scholarship Awards 2022

The Paul Cuthbertson Foundation is pleased to announce the third round of The Live for Those Who Cannot scholarship awards. A total of $20,500 was awarded to a diverse group of young men and women that demonstrated need, a passion for life and dedication to achieving excellence in their pursuits.

Thirty-Nine applications were received, and eleven scholarships were awarded to the following recipients:

  • Lenna Persson
  • Walker Robinson
  • Hazel Barker
  • Kade Martin
  • Audrey Crowley
  • Axel Gutmann
  • Keely Henricks
  • Caroline Dewell
  • Carson Hume
  • Clay Copenhaver
  • Ethan Pyke

Selected applicants are pursuing a variety of interests including: Paralympic Skier, Music, Engineering, Dance, Biking, Biatholon, Ski Cross, Competitive Skiing, and Competitive Snowboarding.

Recipients Eagle County, Summit County, Pitkin County, and Denver.

Lenna Persson

We truly really appreciate this. Lenna is training hard right now for her first ski competition this weekend which will kick off her season.


My name is Lenna Persson and I have been playing golf since I was seven, and tournaments since I was twelve. This year was my first year competing in high school golf. I had a great season winning the JV championship and Colorado’s 3A regionals. I also placed 12th at the 3A State Championships.

Mogul skiing

This is my 5th year competing in mogul skiing. I have placed second in development level, first at rocky qualifying series, second at divisional at competition level and then I went on to place second at junior nationals.

This year I have grown a few inches, I’m stronger and exited to do new tricks, go faster and have fun!

Quote: “tough times never last but tough people do” Lenna Personn

Walker Robinson 

Thank you so much for the support this year! With your support I was able to travel to Switzerland and compete in the Swiss Audi Ski Cross Tour! I did three races against the top U16 athletes in the world with athletes from 8 countries. It was exciting to push myself against the strongest competition to date and come away with 3 silver medals!

I was able to watch the Europa Cup Races which is the next level up and see what I need to work on to prepare myself. This experience has me more motivated than ever before.

Attached are some pictures that I wanted to share from this trip. Here is a link to an interview that I did with TV 8 –

Thank you again as this trip would not have been possible without your support!

Many thanks, Walker Robinson

Hazel Barker

Kade Martin

Thank you so much for the Scholarship funds. I will be using the $2000 to pay for my second installment of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Rookie Team payments. This money will then be used to pay for training at The Stomping Grounds in Saas-Fee Switzerland. Kade Martin

Audrey Crowley

Axel Gutmann

Good morning – WOW, what incredible news upon returning from a BMX National Competition in New Mexico!

Never regret a day in your life. Good days give you happiness and bad days give you experience. Axel Gutmann

Keely Hendricks

“All we have is now” Keely Hendricks

Caroline Dewell

I just finished the second lead role here at CU Boulder and have had a phenomenal semester of successes. Thank you more than words for believing in me as well as helping to conquer the bill. I can truly never say thank you enough. Caroline Dewell

Carson Hume

I wanted to make sure that the Foundation knows how much I appreciate the grant to help towards my training and racing. As you know, I was recently in New Zealand with the SSCV FIS Men’s team. This was an amazing training opportunity as I was able to progress both in my racing abilities as well as being a collaborative, patient and supportive teammate. Living and traveling with 20 other guys character building! I feel stronger and more prepared than ever as we enter into a new racing season. I have a few pictures and videos to share with the Foundation. Hopefully, you can all see how meaningful this was to me! Carson Hume

Clay Copenhaver

Thank you very much for the award. I am very honored to represent the foundation. Clay Copenhaver

Ethan Pyke

Thank you so much for selecting me to be a 2022 recipient of the “Live for Those Who Cannot” Scholarship. I am truly honored to be selected for this scholarship in particular and each day will absolutely strive to take on the “Live for Those Who Cannot mentality”. I will be using this scholarship money to help pay for my tuition at CU Boulder where I am currently studying computer science and music technology. Music has always been an important part of my life and I am ecstatic that I get to continue to pursue music as well as software development as a career. I firmly believe that with hard work any one can accomplish their dreams and I am so grateful that you are helping me accomplish mine. Ethan Pyke

The Paul Cuthbertson Foundation extends our deepest gratitude and thanks for the generosity of our donors who made this possible.

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